Thursday, December 10, 2009

Julia's Cookie Swap 2009

I know the holiday vacation is just around the corner when I find myself in front of Julia's fireplace, laughing with my female colleagues at the annual "Ladies' Auxiliary" Cookie Swap.

Julia, who's been a guest blogger here, is a super woman. She's a top producer at work. Her kids are smart and nice. She manages to cook for her family every night. And she's kind enough to invite her co-workers over every year to share some good cheer at her lovely 18th century home.

She sends out an invitation with this type of picture to get us in the mood to put our aprons on:

Can you tell Julia teaches anthropology and about the cultures of LONG AGO?

Despite the lack of lipstick and perfect hair, we come from work with our cookies in boxes, Ziplock bags, aluminum containers, and trays. Some of us have our kids in tow. Others bring appetizers, like Ruth's mexi-dip (my favorite!) or Kelly's baked brie, to join the spiral ham and lentil-chestnut dip at Julia's dining room table.

While we gather in the living or dining room, the cookies hang out in the kitchen, a merry crew of balls, filled tarts, sharply cut shapes and gentle mounds. Studded with nuts or candies, flavored with chocolate or rum, the cookies are as diverse as the cooks who made them.

What a lovely tray of cookies we all can bring home, along with fond memories of our annual get togethers at Chez Julia's.

Cookie Swap 2009

Below are the cookies that my friends brought to the swap. I'll be posting the recipes over the next few days. Enjoy!

Ninette's Chocolate Almond Toffee Bark

Sheena's Scottish Shortbread

Elizabeth's Granny's Sugar Cookies

Kate's Ginger Snaps

Elaine's Buckeye Balls

Zoe's Bisquick Sugar Cookies

Nancy's Fudge

Ruth's Florentine Cookies

Kelly's Pignoli Cookies

Julia's Andes Thin Mints Pillow Cookies

Tish's Peanut Butter Blossoms

Desiree's Pecan Tarts


Anonymous said...

What a treat! I was very sorry not make the gathering this year but these pictures and Ninette's blog make me feel very connected. Can't wait to try the recipes!
Thanks very much for sharing.

Ju (The Little Teochew) said...

Dear me, Ninette! I hyperventilated at the sight of the cookie platter. Everything looks so beautiful! Happy holidays to you and your beautiful family.


Anonymous said...

I was drooling over all the pretty selections of cookies :) What a treat!

La Table De Nana said...

I watched Julie and Julia last of course I thought of you know who when I saw the title of your post..What fun..and all the cookies look delicious..
Thanks for sharing;)

Jen said...

These cookies look AMAZING! What beautiful photography! I'm sitting here salivating. I wish I had a cookie, any cookie, within reach. Thanks for the post and recipes!

Kate said...

Thank you, Ninette, for making us all look like accomplished bakers. Your photos are really beautiful! As promised, I will send along the recipe to your Facebook e-mail for posting as you see fit.

elizabeth said...

Thanks for taking the time to capture the event. It is a great tradition!