Thursday, November 12, 2009

Please Support Your Local Food Bank Today

The call from the Food Bank to our director of community affairs was heart-wrenching: "I'm calling you on my knees," the executive director said, "we are desperate. Please can you do a food drive for us?"

Our school responded immediately to the pressing need in our community with an all-school, one day food drive, which was very successful. In 24 hours, the school gathered and donated almost 2 tons of non-perishable food items to the food bank.

To my fellow food bloggers and readers, I ask you to consider what you can do today to help with hunger in your community. Make a donation. Write a story on your blog. Email your friends and family. Get your school or workplace to run a food drive. Ask for donations to the food bank instead of holiday gifts.

As Ben Franklin said, “The good an individual can do is insignificant compared to the collective good a group can do.”


~~louise~~ said...

GREAT post Ninette. We all need a reminder every now and again.

We packed up our bags and a turkey for Local Harvest just this morning.

My daughter works at a community center in Blackfoot Idaho and they are doing the same. Thanks for sharing...

Petertammenson said...

Ninette, thanks for the comment! And I loved the mac and cheese recipe - that's something that doesn't intimidate me without a recipe...And thank you for posting about the food kitchen need - this economy is hitting everyone hard, but we have to remember to share even if things are tight in our own budget - there are always those with less.