Friday, October 23, 2009

SippitySup and Seafood Watch

Picture credit: SippitySup

Every day I learn something new. And today my new thing came from SippitySup.

I felt so grateful for the knowledge that I thought I would share it with you.

The two guys who write SippitySup are not only innovative cooks, but they're smart, committed people.

Click here to read Gregs's entry on seafood sustainability and use your influence as a fellow blogger and member of mankind to make a difference.

As Ben Franklin said, “The good an individual can do is insignificant compared to the collective good a group can do.”


La Table De Nana said...

Thanks for the link..the pâté w/ maple syrup looks AMAZING:)
I love learning about blogs I never knew:)

zurin said...

Thank you Ninette.The link was an eyeopener. I went through the list of the seafood watch guide (what to avoid or the best alternatives) and m glad to know that the Malaysian tongol tuna is a good choice! I just bought one recently to make fish floss (another post perhaps):))because I was wary of the canned tuna that my kids are constantly eating for sandwiches so I wanted to provide an alternative. My suspicions about the tuna containing high levels of mercury were correct. tq for the link :)))

Sippity Sup said...


Thanks for linking this post. You are helping get the word out and that is the whole point of community blogging. GREG

PS I came for you chicken recipe with "continental" flavors but was so pleased to find this link! So I just had to leave a comment. I usually just lurk!

吳建豪Alex said...

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