Sunday, June 14, 2009

Buy this Book: The Barcelona Cookbook

In the early 1990s, I was actively involved in At this time, the Internet was not widely available, so members in the different affinity groups hailed primarily from the universities. Even though we had never met one another, we core contributors became so close that when I became pregnant with my first child, a group got together and sent me so much money that I was able to buy a crib. I will never forget their cooking expertise or their kindness.

At the time, we were also moving out of New York City, and Andy Pforzheimer, another, gave me a lot of advice about where to move. We have him to thank for an easy entry in our new area.

Fast foward fifteen years later and Andy is now the co-owner of the biggest Spanish restaurant group in the United States, with six Barcelona Wine Bar restaurants in Connecticut. I remember stopping by his first restaurant when it was still under construction. How time flies.

Andy has also just released the long-awaited Barcelona Cookbook.

This cookbook has become a favorite in my extensive cookbook collection. There are recipes to die for in here: shrimp in garlic sauce, paella Barcelona, wild mushrooms with herbed cheese, and flan, and some killer cocktails like blood orange margaritas, red and white sangrias, and clementine crush made with Svedka clementine vodka.

In the future, I'll be whipping up some of Barcelona's simple yet sophisticated tapas, main entrees, and cocktails, but in case you are looking for a great Father's Day gift, June birthday present, or entertaining ideas for a summer party, I recommend that you buy this book NOW.

To find the book, go to the book's website or Amazon.


~Carole said...

Well, if the content of the cookbook is as great as the cover photo, it's a winner! I've been to Barcelona.

Looking forward to seeing what you cook from it. Do start soon. :-)

La Table De Nana said...

How sweet the story:) Especially the crib:)