Saturday, May 30, 2009

Leftover Maven: Beef Carnitas

It was a catch as catch can night. I was tired from work, so I asked my girls to put together their own dinners.

Christina grabbed some rotisserie chicken and constructed a chicken and cheese quesadilla.

Lizzy made a grilled panini sandwich with some fresh sourdough bread and thin-sliced grilled beef brisket my husband and I had made on Saturday.

And I made a beef carnitas taco with shredded cheese, salsa, and lettuce.

To make the seasoned and shredded beef filling, I diced a large tomato, sauteed it with onions, chili powder, oregano, and cumin, and salt and pepper. I then added some leftover brisket and put enough water to cover the meat, covered the pot with a lid, and let it simmer until the meat was shreddable. Since I had made this the night before, all I needed to do was pull the beef out of the fridge and heat it up in the microwave.

For this exhausted girl, this quicknight meal came together in minutes.

To make this leftover makeover even easier, you could even just use some salsa and water to simmer the brisket in, along with the chili powder.

Leftover beef brisket (about 1 lb.), cut in big cubes
1 clove garlic, minced
1/2 small onion, minced
1 large beefsteak tomato, diced, or 1 small can of tomato sauce, or salsa
1/2 piece of chipotle in adobo
2 tsp. chili powder
1/2 tsp. cumin
1/2 oregano
Salt and pepper

Corn or flour tortillas

Hot sauce
Shredded cheese
(also you can have cilantro, chopped jalapenos)

Heat a little oil in a pot over medium heat. When the oil is hot, add onion and cook until transparent, about five minutes. Add garlic and saute one minute. Add spices and cook about 30 seconds with the garlic and onion. Add tomato or tomato sauce, beef, and salt and pepper. Add a little water if you need to cover the beef. Bring to a low boil, cover with a lid, and turn the heat down to low, so that it simmers. Cook an hour or more until the meat can be shredded with a fork.

When the meat is done, you can uncover the pot and bring to a lively simmer to reduce the liquid if you would like it to be more on the dry side.

Serve on a tortilla with your desired toppings.



~Carole said...

Your photo is so inviting. Sounds like your girls made great meals, too.

Nice use of leftovers! A repurpose like this would make leftover lovers out of anyone.

~Carole said...

Head on over to my blog to pick up an award. :-)

Aggie said...

That looks unbelievably delicious. I would take those kind of leftovers any night!

Marianne said...

That's really a great idea for the leftover beef! Looks delicious.

Kevin said...

Great way to turn something old into something new!

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