Saturday, May 30, 2009

Broccoli Raabe with Chicken Andouille Sausage

In the past 14 days, I've seen my husband for two of them. On a business trip in Asia for almost a week, Mark was only home two days before he had to unexpectedly turn around and go back again.

Happily, he got home last night, and our family is complete.

To welcome him home, I made a generous serving of broccoli raabe and served it with steamer clams steamed in garlic and white wine since my hubby does not eat carbs. I usually make this robust vegetable with italian sausage, but I used chicken andouille sausage this time around. Sausage and clams are fast friends, an unbeatable pair.

Steamer Clams Steamed in Garlic and White Wine

For the original recipe of broccoli raabe, please click here.


~Carole said...

Ninette, you are amazing and you inspire me so! I'm sure you're glad to have your DH home; and what a meal he was welcomed home with.


Aggie said...

So glad your husband is back!! It's hard when they are away...

I'm a huge lover of broccoli rabe! This looks wonderful and delicious!