Sunday, April 19, 2009

Grilled Pizza Margherita on the Big Green Egg

My husband came home today after being in Korea and China for over a week. I figured he might want to eat something non-Asian, so I made garlicky steamed mussels and clams, a big Caesar salad, and Pizza Margherita on the grill (the Big Green Egg).

Pizza Margherita's beauty is in its simplicity, so get the best quality ingredients you can: extra virgin olive oil, real bufalo mozzarella, ripe heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic, and fresh pizza dough. I often cook pizza at high heat in the oven (see this post) for a quick weeknight meal, but cooking pizza on the grill on a pizza stone over charcoal gives it a wonderful smoky flavor. The Big Green Egg does pizza exceptionally well.

Pizza Dough (homemade or if you can buy it freshly made at a local store, you can use that)
Olive oil
2 cloves garlic, smashed
Grated parmigiano reggiano cheese
Ripe tomatoes, sliced
1 large ball, Bufalo mozzarella
Fresh basil, cut in chiffonade

Put garlic and 2 tbs. extra virgin olive oil in bowl. Put in microwave and warm on high for 30 seconds, so that the garlic can infuse the olive oil.

Stretch dough out into a disk (see post for more information on how to do this). Put cornmeal on the pizza peel and put the disk onto the peel. (If you're cooking in the oven and not on the grill, you can use parchment paper instead of relying on the cornmeal to be able to move the pizza from the peel to the pizza stone.)

Brush dough generously with garlic-infused olive oil. Sprinkle dough with grated parmigiano reggiano cheese. Evenly distribute tomato and mozzarella slices. Sprinkle toppings with sea salt and pepper and additional parmigiano reggiano.

Cook on a heated pizza stone at 450 to 500 degrees (grill or oven) for 10 minutes or until crust is browned and cheese is bubbling. If your grill goes higher to 600 or 700 degrees, you can cook your pizza at those temperatures too. Remove and sprinkle pizza with basil. Serve.

12 comments: said...

Your pizza stone is amazing. We can imagine how good any pizza tastes on this. Great meal!

Aggie said...

I'm totally going to try this on my grill this weekend!! This pizza looks delicious!

~Carole said...

Ninette, this looks so tasty. I agree 100% about the freshness & quality of ingredients.

Your photography is so wonderful, you could make mud pies look appetizing. :-)

Carrie said...

I love pizza margherita, and yours looks amazing!

Marta said...

Simple and tasty: that's what Italian food is all about, being able to taste the 3 or 4 ingredients that went into it. But that's all you need because each ingredient will taste AMAZING... especially if one of them is real deal buffalo mozza! Congrats on the great pizza and thanks for sharing it :)

Ninette said...

Thank you to all of your for your wonderful comments. Your blogs are all incredible!

ScottyB said...

I've done pizza in the oven on a stone and pizza on the grill, but never pizza on a stone on the grill. It does solve one problem, though. I like the taste and texture of cornmeal on the bottom of the crust, but I hate cleaning it up in the oven.

I'll be trying your technique soon, it looks delicious. Thanks very much!

Olga said...

This looks so good!
I actually had plans to make the same pizza tonight! Great tip about putting oil w/garlic in the microwave: going to have to remember that!

I might add olives to mine.

the happy couple said...

i am a vegetarian so i love this. plus my carnivore husband loves pizza. it would be perfect for us!

Chef Jeff said...

This looks fabulous. Will this work in a smoker? Just got a Traeger for my birthday.

I have done a grilled pizza and they are very popular. Here is the link:

Thanks again for sharing your fabulous food

Chef Jeff said...

This looks fabulous. Do you know if this would work on a Traeger? I have done a grilled pizza before. My nephew says it's so good that it will be his last meal if he is ever on death row.

Here is the link:

Thanks for sharing.

Ninette said...

Hi Chef Jeff. The Big Green Egg is a smoker, and it is where I cooked the pizza. If the Traeger is a grill too, then it should work.