Sunday, March 8, 2009

Filipino Flip Steak (Bistek)

Tonight I made flip steak for the first time in about 25 years. Flip steak was the first dinner dish I learned to cook on the stove as a child. When my sister, who was usually responsible for cooking since my parents both worked, wasn't home to cook dinner for the family, I remember standing in front of the stove cooking thin slices of beef in a skillet and dousing them with soy sauce. I was probably in the fourth grade. Every time I was responsible for dinner, I cooked flip steak.

Perhaps it was called "flip steak" in the Ohio supermarkets, and that's why we called it flip steak. Here, I can find it as "braciole" thin-sliced top round.

Bistek is simple (simple enough for a child to cook), fast and delicious with white rice. Feel free to add green peppers, mushrooms, and sliced tomatoes as variations. Add a final squirt of fresh lemon or calamansi to make it perfect.

Top round, sliced thin ("braciole" style)

Garlic, minced or garlic powder

Onion powder

Scallions, chopped


Soy sauce

Lemon or calamansi

Take top round slices and lay them on cutting board. If you feel a slice is not cut evenly, use a meat mallet and pound thinner any thick sections. Or you can just leave it alone.

Lightly salt and pepper the slices on one side. Light sprinkle with onion powder and garlic powder (if not using fresh garlic). If using fresh garlic, mince a couple cloves of garlic (for 1 lb. meat). Put garlic and white part of scallion in a bowl or container large enough to hold the meat and add a little oil. Add the meat, mixing so that the oil and garlic lightly coats the meat. Set aside.

Cut an onion in half and then cut off the root. Cut into slices (I cut it root-end to other end, not across the grain for this application).

Heat skillet over medium-high heat. When hot, add a little oil and heat about 30 seconds. Add onions. Cook onions until translucent yet still a little crisp (about 5 minutes). While cooking, add salt and pepper to the onions. Take out onions.

Add beef, as pictured below, and cook 30-40 seconds on side or until edges are cooked; flip and cook another 30-40 seconds. If you have more meat to cook, take these out and set aside; cook meat in batches until done. When last batch of meat has been cooked on both sides, add back onions and any reserved meat. Splash with soy sauce and sprinkle with green part of scallions. Mix meat, onions, and soy sauce together, squirt with lemon, and serve immediately.


Aggie said...

That looks so good Ninette!!

Ninette Enrique said...

Very simple too!

Amateur Cook said...

"simple enough for a child to cook" That's my kind of recipe. Little effort for a lot of flavor...